e-Bucks Regular Savings Plan (ERSP)

e-Bucks Regular Savings Plan (ERSP)

e-Bucks Regular Savings Plan (ERSP) is designed for small and medium scale business owners, workers and students who want to be saving their money daily, weekly or monthly (depending on how it comes) in order to meet up with conytingencies and emergency expenditures with ease and without having to bear the type of charges synomymous with conventional financial institutions.

The plan is a perfect alternative for the conventional daily savings or thrift scheme and provides the account holder with access to a wide range of our value-adding digital offerings.


  • Minimum Opening Amount of N200.
  • Account runs continously.
  • Account can be linked with account holder's commercial bank account and direct debit can be activated for it.
  • Account can be opened online from our website or in any of our branch with 2 passport photographs, a copy of the subscriber's utility bill and a copy of the subscriber's valid means of identification.


  • Account holder earns savings account interest if he/she doesn't withdraw until after 60 days.
  • Option to migrate to other higher investment products of the company when qualified.
  • Option to make deposit daily, weekly, monthly or at anytime the account holder wants.
  • Monthly notification of month end balance via email and sms.
  • Option to pay utility and/or contingent bills from funds saved up in the account through our bills payment platform at very little or no charge.

MyeBucks App Available on Google Play

Download our app for the fastest, most convenient way to Recharge Your Mobile Phones, Recharge Cable Bills, Make funds Transfers etc.

With our Mobile App You will be able to do the following conveniently:

  • Recharge
  • Bill Payment
  • Booking Online
  • and much more.....