e-Bucks Target Savings Plan (ETSP)

The e-Bucks Target Savings Plan (ETSP) is a rewarding investment plan for low, medium and high income earners.

It is a secure, convenient and rewarding way of saving and building up funds for future projects or properties as it offers easy entry, flexibile monthly savings plan, competitive interest rate which ensures profit on your funds and so much more.

With ETSP, you can comfortably plan and achieve the acquisition of your dream car, own a land, pay your rent, buy a house, buy electronics and home appliances, achieve your dream wedding ceremony, attain the type of education you desire for your chldren or wards, as well as pay for a blissfull vacation or other things you plan to achieve.


  • Minimum Opening Amount of N10,000.00.
  • Investment can run for 3 months, 6 months or 12 Months.
  • Investor indicates target savings amount and purpose.
  • Account can be linked with investors commercial bank account and direct debit instruction can be activated.
  • Account can be opened online from our website or in any of our branches with 2 passport photographs, a copy of the subcriber's utility bill and a copy of the subscriber's valid means of identification.


  • Interest rate is 7.5% Per Quarter.
  • Option to convert total funds invested to other investment plan at maturity and earn higher ROI/Interest.
  • Monthly notification of payment and account balance via email and SMS.
  • Option to pay utility & contingent bills from ROI/Interest.

MyeBucks App Available on Google Play

Download our app for the fastest, most convenient way to Recharge Your Mobile Phones, Recharge Cable Bills, Make funds Transfers etc.

With our Mobile App You will be able to do the following conveniently:

  • Recharge
  • Bill Payment
  • Booking Online
  • and much more.....